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Store Anniversary Deals:

1.Deal $5 off

You could checkin on yelp or write a google review for us if you like our service to receive $5 off . This offer could only be redeemed 1 time/day/person. Please mention this deals to our front desk person to redeem it.

2.All addons are 75% off except cupping therapy.

3.Extra $1/person off if you pay cash

4.Time limit Extra special deal for yelper:

1.We offer an extra 10% off for 1st time 1st hour service of Yelp elite. If you were a Yelp elite in any year, We consider you as Yelp elite in my store. 2.We also offer an extra 10% off for Yelpers who have written more than 30 Yelp reviews. You could only redeem this deal 1 time and that extra discount only applies to the yelper who meet those requirements.

Gratuity (Tip) Rule-We do not share tips with your therapists

Your tips should be calculated by the regular price and not our discount price. And the minimum tip should be not less than $10/hr. (their average tips is $15+/hr ) that is your hard working therapist expected if you do not think your hard working therapist deserve that amount tips, please refuse our service before your therapy start. However, If you are not satisfied with our service, you are not required to pay the minimum tip. Please write the reason and your suggestion of how we could improve our service at the suggestion session and put it in our suggestion box. you could also email me at If you are satisfied with our service and do not pay the minimum suggestion tip our store manager will notify you. If anyone in my store forces you to pay tips, please let me know by using the suggestion session or write me an email. We do not share tips with your therapists they get 100% of your tips

Reservation and Waiting time

Some times our operation will be interrupted by the late and noshow Guest. When our operation interrupts by those customers, you may need to wait 5~10 mins for your reservation. I sincerely apologize for the waiting time. I will also appreciate If you could notify us in advance If you will arrive early and late or cancel your appointment.
We are only able to guarantee the gender and name of your massage therapist for The SPA signature Full Body massage.
(All service in our store except The SPA signature Full Body massage) We are not able to make any guarantee for the gender and name of your massage therapist. All our therapists are licensed and professional. they will be randomly assigned to you. they will follow the standard process of our store for the service you choose.! because of the no-show guests, we are not able to guarantee the gender of therapist and we are not able to pre-assign a specific therapist for you in advance. We will make the process to charge the no-refundable deposit to avoid the no-show problem and provide the option to help you reserve your favorite therapist in the future.
(The SPA signature Full Body massage)However, we provide customized massage when you choose The SPA signature full body massage. we are not only could pre-assign the therapist for you in advance but also customize the massage for all your professional need.

About Us

The Spa and Massage is the sister massage store of The Foot Spa which has been delivering results since we opened it in 2010. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Our spa offers a relaxing atmosphere and can accommodate up to 26 persons at the same time. We have 8 private massage rooms and 2 couple massage rooms,14 foot reflexology chairs. all our therapists are certified and licensed by the Nevada massage board. Our Massage store license number is 2005714.081-200

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In private massage rooms.

Our therapy promotes relaxation, eases tension, and improves the circulation in the body. Gentle movements by the therapist help you relax while your muscle tension practically melts away. if you request deep tissue service, your therapist will focus on deeper layers of muscles and tissue. The Massage Therapist also uses the Hot stone and Essential oil to massage your body at the final part of your therapy. The heat helps release tension in your back and shoulders so those muscles can be worked on more effectively. The result is deep relaxation and peace.

We offer 3 full body massage:

Basic Full Body Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The Spa Signature Massage

Combo Massage & Reflexology

In semi-private area.

Combination Massage : Combination Massage combines techniques from our Basic Full Body Massage and foot reflexology. You will stay half of your service time in our massage area and half of your service time in our reflexology area. If private and quite is not in your priority list, Combination Massage is the therapy you want to choose.

Foot Reflexology : the roots of reflexology go back to ancient Egypt and China, pressure on the reflex points of your feet not only help you relex your feet and leg, but also helps to balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins that help to reduce pain and stress.

The Alternative Therapy

Cupping Detox Therapy: Cupping Therapy creates a negative pressure on the tissue using glass or plastic suction cups which is like an internal vacuum on the muscles and tissue. The negative pressure pulls dead non-oxygenated blood, stagnant toxins and cellular debris to the surface of the localized Cupping location. The toxins brought to the surface of the tissue are then flushed through the lymph system using lymphatic drainage.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is an alternative form of holistic therapy that uses essential oils to help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically, while helping you to take time out for yourself, to be mindful and to reconnect with yourself, even for a moment. The aromas experienced through aromatherapy and essential oils have a dynamic effect on the mind and body.


Organic Massage Oils & Creams: We are the only store in town provide this addon, Our product is formulated with earth-friendly, certified organic ingredients of jojoba, olive oil, shea butter, aloe vera, arnica, and chamomile botanicals. we have confidence in our organic product, this addon is 100% refundable.

Ionic Foot Detox: The Ion Foot Detox cleanse is a professional detoxification treatment that helps with total body purification and enables the body to heal itself. This foot bath relaxes, cleanses, balances and enhances the bioenergy of the body.

Rose Petals & Sea Salt Foot Bath: A rose petal foot bath can enhance your skin and mood and Sea salt bath can stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints

Most Popular Services Price

The Full Body Massage
  • Basic Full Body Massage
  • 90 mins: $61(Reg $105)
  • 60 mins: $41(Reg $70)
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • 90 mins: $76(Reg $110)
  • 60 mins: $51(Reg $75)
  • The Spa Signature Massage
  • 90 mins: $99(Reg $120)
  • 60 mins: $73(Reg $80)
  • Massage Addons
  • Organic Massage Oils & Creams:
  • 60 mins: $20(Reg $30)

The Hot stone and Essential oil will use in the final part of all full body therapies.

Basic Full Body Massage: Swedish massage is the major technique. If you want to relax your body and want a private and calmer atmosphere with an affordable price, this is the best service for you.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue is a major technique in your therapy. please choose this service,if you are a regular customer of massage store and you know what is the Deep Tissue is.

The Spa Signature Massage: It is our icon service, all therapists possessed 10+ years of massage experience. All our employee will treat you like a king or queen in my store: ), we will try our best to satisfy all your professional request. This service includes Organic Massage Oil & Cream and Aromatherapy Therapy. It is a customized session for YOU. Please let your massage therapist know which areas you would like to focus on. this session will induce a deep sense of relaxation and well-being on both a physical and psychological level. (we only have limit slots for this service, Reservation is required ) Please double check the price on our website before making your reservation, we may increase the price occasionally to guarantee the best standard of our service. We also offer a free 10 mins Rose Petals & Sea Salt Foot Bath before your Massage. and that is an optional item for The SPA signature massage service.

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The Combo Massage & Foot Reflexology
  • Combo Massage
  • 90 mins: $52(Reg $100)
  • 60 mins: $36(Reg $70)
  • Foot Reflexology
  • 60 mins: $36 (reg $70)
  • Foot Bath Addons
  • Ionic Foot Detox:
  • 20 mins: $20
  • Rose Petals & Sea Salt Foot Bath
  • $20 / Service

Combination Massage: it combines techniques from our Basic Full Body Massage and foot reflexology. You will stay half of your service time in our massage area and half of your service time in our reflexology area. It will help you to choose which massage you want to get when you next time to visit us.

Foot Reflexology: Beneficial by itself or as an add-on to any of our other treatments, reflexology induces an intense state of relaxation, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, increases circulation and helps eliminate toxins.

Ionic Foot Detox: Our ionizing machine works to ionize the foot bath water,it helps you pulling the toxins out of your body through your feet by soaking your feet. it is the best combination you should choose before your foot reflexology

Rose Petals & Sea Salt Foot Bath: A rose petal foot bath can enhance your skin and mood and Sea salt bath can stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints

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Alternative Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Immune Support: $20
  • Easy Breathing: $20
  • Hangover Relief Therapy
  • 60 mins: $60
  • PMS pain Relief Therapy
  • 90 mins: $90
  • Cupping Therapy
  • The Air Cupping:
  • 20 mins: $20
  • The Fire Cupping:
  • 20 mins: $38

Immune Support Aromatherapy Therapy: support the immune system and help kill off harmful bacteria and viruses. including:Eugenia caryophyllus Flower, Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark, Caprylic Triglyceride, Gaultheria procumbens Leaf , Cinnamomum zeylanicum Leaf,Maltol Benzaldehyde, Furfural, Carvone

Easy Breathing Aromatherapy Therapy: including Boswellia Carterii, Cinnamomum Camphora Leaf, Eucalyptus, Citrus Limon Peel, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf, and Menthol to support a healthy respiratory system. it maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

Hangover Therapy: This therapy will help you recover from a hangover, We use Nature Herbal Remedies and Essential oil for your foot bath. Reflexology and head massage customized for hangover will apply in your therapy.

PMS pain Relief Therapy: This Therapy combines Moxibustion Heat Therapy and The Moon Cycle Massage. alleviating the symptoms of the monthly cycle and allowing you to feel more grounded in your body. Following the session, enjoy a cup of organic raspberry leaf tea for extra menstrual support(Reservation is required)

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